Adult Bar Etiquettes for First-Timers!

Are your excited to party with the best strippers in Brisbane for your buck’s party? Of course, you want to have the best time. But, the best kind of fun is getting the thrill and going home in one piece!

Remember, an adult bar is still a business establishment that holds some rules. And, each business has its distinctive set of regulations. So, as a customer, you must learn a few adult bar etiquettes before meeting the best strippers in Brisbane.

Here’s how you can become a good, fun, and likeable buck in the party:

Follow dress codes.

Before going to any strip club, you should check out the allowed dress codes on their website. Some clubs will prohibit sweatpants and sleeveless shirts.

Be attentive and live in the moment!

Strippers are entertainers—they would hate being ignored while giving their best to make you happy. So, be a good boy and try to lessen your phone-glancing habits. You can install an app that locks other addicting applications. One good app to install is Freedom. It blocks websites and apps, so you have no choice but to pay attention to the spectacle in front of you.

Be polite.

If you decline a lap dance, say “no, thank you” and smile. If you want another girl, then politely decline by saying “no, thanks”. Just don’t ask her to call the other entertainer for you. That’s just plain rude.

Do not try to initiate physical contact, please.

As mentioned, strippers work to entertain you. That’s all. Leave the groping and smooching to your girlfriend or your dog.

Don’t document anything.

Yes, you saw “The Hangover”. But actually, it’s a no-no to record or take pictures in the strip club, unless they allow it. Follow this rule, and you won’t be banned for life.

Bring enough money.

The worst thing you can do is to visit strip clubs empty-handed. As you might have already known, they’re not the wine-and-dine-after-work kind of gals. If you can’t tip, then leave.


Just because you’re out to have fun doesn’t mean you’re allowed to act rubbishy. So, to have a blast on the night before your wedding, remember these etiquettes.

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The Differences That Make a Gentlemen’s Club Brisbane Offers Better

A gentlemen’s club may be used interchangeably with the term “strip club”, but there are differences between the two. After all, the history of a gentlemen’s club dates back in old London when only aristocrats are considered to be worthy members. Well, a gentlemen’s club Brisbane offers is no different.

First, the similarities…

Both a gentlemen’s club and a strip club are places that offer adult entertainment. Strippers and sexy dancers are the highlights of these clubs, made even better with food and booze.

There are rules for both establishments that patrons must follow. Failure to do so could mean your behind will get acquainted with the security staff’s boot. Dressing up is a must, what with dress codes in place.

Then, the differences of a gentlemen’s club Brisbane offers…

Women and strippers

Not only are they gorgeous and attractive, but they are also chic, witty, and well-mannered. In a gentlemen’s club, women are chosen for their ability to upgrade a man’s image and status into a true gentleman. So, expect to get the whole package when you get personal with them.

Real talent

In addition to their charms and wit, strippers are also astonishingly talented. You’ll rarely get a piss-poor lap dance in a gentlemen’s club, what with patrons paying high to enjoy the best-quality stage show and private performances around. The best clubs will always strive hard to deliver.

Better environment and atmosphere

Expect a gentlemen’s club Brisbane has to be cleaner and nicely decorated than regular strip clubs. It will be better lighted and superiorly furbished too. Suffice to say that the venue is part of a club’s selling point, and because their market is wealthy gentlemen, it has to be built to meet the sophisticated and elegant taste of its patrons.

More respectable crowd

A gentlemen’s club caters to upmarket patrons. Although not every club operates as a members-only private club, they maintain a level of exclusivity that appeals to a select few. Wealthy and well-dressed, patrons here are rarely seen in drunken behaviour or brawling to break out. A rowdy crowd will be looked down by the elite bunch.

More expensive offers

If you think you burned a hole through your pocket when you last visited a strip club, prepare to burn more holes in a gentlemen’s club. You are paying for high-end offers, after all. So, expect to pay more for your food, drinks, and women.

With the kind of service you will receive, however, you will not bat an eyelash when it is time to settle your bill. Exclusive often means a high price that you must pay if you want to experience it in every sense of the word.

Ready to hit a gentlemen’s club Brisbane offers? Make sure to learn the rules beforehand and then dress and act accordingly.